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Simmba: Awesome movie, love to watch again & again

Simmba: Nice story but 1st half is boring but 2nd half makes movie interesting

Simmba: Full on entertainment dance, action, story, love, romance superb

Simmba: Simmba is one of the best masala entertainers of the year. Ranveer Singh's energy is mind-blowing. He adds his energy to each and every scene whether is an action scene or an emotional scene. The background score is outstanding. Cameos by Ajay devgn and Akshya Kumar adds a flavour to the film. Overall a must watch film.

Simmba: 1 time watch

Simmba: The action was really good....plot was nice overall a great movie

Simmba: Headache

Simmba: Nice

Simmba: Full entertaining movie

Simmba: awesome movie

Simmba: Best movie

Simmba: Its a amazing,mind blowing,fantastic movie I loved this movie alot i saw this movie twice but still i am feeling to watch this movie more 5-10 times

Simmba: Fine movie.

Simmba: Super fantastic movie

Simmba: Excellent and entertaining movie.

Simmba: Very nice movie

Simmba: Good

Simmba: Amazing movie love it

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